PAWS Benefit group show and ART BASEL MIAMI 2011!!!

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This will be a quick post, friends, but just some info to let you know:

The PAWS Benefit group show here in Philadelphia that opened last Friday night was very successful! The artwork was great, the bands were loud, and the compilation CD that is for sale def surpassed my expectations! All the proceeds from sales went right to PAWS to help our furry friends in need, and I’m happy my piece sold to contribute to that!! Hope “Moon Over My Hammy” found a good home! The artwork is still up (including sold pieces), and CDs are still available. Stop by Digital Ferret to check everything out and buy some art for a really important cause.

And now for some amazingly big huge fantastic news: A painting of mine was requested to be in Art Basel 2011 down in Miami!! I am super stoked to be included in the Multiversal show headed by Cassie “Kazilla” Williams, and can’t wait to see what the visual outcome of her genius is! I will of course post links and pics and info and such as I get them, because this is just the best thing since sliced bread. Yay Art Basel!!!


Love and drop kicks! XOXO


Autumn Spell and other good Halloween and art related matters

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Firstly, I’ve been crazy busy trying to get all my painting done and promotion accomplished and have some fun Fall times with my baby girl. Sleep is something I’m really looking forward to come mid November.. but for now, here’s some cool stuff I’m doing for the next lil bit.

This Friday is Last Rites Gallery’s 13th Hour Group Show opening. It’s going to be super creepy and amazing, and the artist list is just to die for. I’ll be there with JoKa, Buddy Nestor and some other fine people who are participating in the show, so come out and appreciate everyone in all their weirdo glory. Last Rites info:

This Saturday night October 29th is the Autumn Spell opening reception and costume party that I’m happy to be participating in. Autumn Spell is a Halloween group art show that the wonderful Paul Romano curated, and should be phenominal! The artist list is bangin, and I was lucky enough to stop by Paul’s house and have a little sneak at some of the artwork and it’s just incredible. Come one, come all to Autumn Spell this Saturday night at Gallery 309 in Old City for some good scary fun.

Autumn Spell Flyer

Also, next Friday November 4th is the Girls Are Evil group show here in Philadelphia at Jinxed/Toothless Cat Gallery at the Piazza. I’ll upload more info about this soon, but it too has a great group of artists in the show, including myself, and should be a great time. Cause, you know.. girls are evil. 😉



I’m creepy.

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I guess I’m a creepster and my artwork is kinda weird, so I tend to be super busy in the Fall months due to art shows and Halloween related events. I am participating in quite a few shows coming up, and fully plan on keeping you, dear blog, updated on all of them. Just not now. Cause it’s raining and I’m lazy. BUT, here’s an idea of what’s up:

PAWS benefit art and music event right here in Philly. Pretty sure it’s in October, and it has a mad decent line up of artists involved. Who doesn’t love the cute and cuddly furry creatures of the world? huh?

A group Halloween art show curated by the one and only Paul Romano taking place at Gallery 309 in Old City Philadelphia. The line up of this one is stellar, from what I’ve heard, and will include artists like myself, Buddy Nestor, Jeremy Hush, Esao Andrews, I’m assuming Paul Romano, and more to come… It will open to the public November 4th.

A group art show at Jinxed/Toothless Cat here in Philly called Girls Are Evil. Great name. Awesome chick artwork.

Umm.. I’m pretty sure there’s more but I have a cold and cannot think properly. Also, I will be travelling back and forth to NYC steadily throughout the month of October. This is good and bad, for NYC is fun but expensive. There are multiple amazing show openings that I will be attending, and going to visit a studio or two of some out-of-this-world artists.. more info to come on all that stuff too.

Blog, I love you… but I must go. Dayquil here I come.

PS- Pics of the Polaroid 50/50/50 art event will be up soon.. promise.


The Polaroid 50/50/50 show and a little stint at NYC Fashion Week 2011

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My artist friend JoKa was invited to participate in the Polaroid 50/50/50 project that involves 50 artists using particular Polaroid products, and the show being up during NYC’s Fashion Week in NYC. He asked if he could do a protrait of me, which I happily agreed to, so we spent an evening taking tons of photos until one (a candid one of course) seemed perfect. He used that photo to manipulate into a very cool art piece/portrait and put into this big name show. The following is a link to JoKa’s blog on his actual process with the piece, and more information on the show itself..

Do You See Me Like I See You?

Also, like it says in JoKa’s blog entry, this piece was chosen to be enlarged and hung at clothing designer Chloe’s  ‘Fashion Night Out’ events in NYC and Miami on September 8th! WOAH! Big Time!

For more info on the Polaroid 50/50/50 show, like a list of more artists, you can click the following link: And yes, that’s THE James Franco. *blush* I’ll be at the reception and auction Wednesday September 14th with the artsist JoKa, so should be a great time!!



Availability of one piece and a side note..

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So, I was contacted by the fantastic Cam Rackam of the Congregation Gallery and he requested that the gallery keep my piece in their residency collection and on the walls until it sells. I love the Congregation Gallery and it’s dark beauty, so of course agreed. If anyone has an interest in owning I Speak In Verses, Prophecies and Curses, please contact the gallery.

There are quite a few other amazing paintings hung on the walls of that space, so if you’re in the L.A. are you should really check it out, and give the resident pup Mutley Saints a good belly rub. 😉


And on to the side note. Blog, I reread some of my older posts and realize I make a lot of empty promises to you. For that I apologize. I promise pictures, reviews on shows and etc… I will eventually update everything, it’ll just have to wait til I get a full day of free time. But I do love you, so don’t let anyone tell you differently. ❤

A solo show, a group show and no sleep

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Ok blog world.. here ya go:

THIS FRIDAY AUGUST 26th is the opening reception for my solo art show AND the 7 Sins group art show I’m participating in! They are at galleries super close to each other, so it’ll be nice and easy to visit both! Both will have killer artwork and great tunes, but if you’re faint of heart, or don’t like blood, guts, or nudity you may want to bring an inhaler cause this stuff will take your breath away. Ha.

My solo show is Les Petites Horrours: The Art of Kat Gun and is at Digital Ferret (roughly 4th and South St here in Philly), and will have music from Entertainment, Author and Punisher, and some DJ’s. I believe it starts at 6? I’ll post the flyer on here later today.. yeah..

The 7Sins show is going to be at Aktion Gallery (roughly 6th and South St here in Philly) and features the 7 deadly sins artwork of some masterminds like Paul Romano, Buddy Nestor, Jeremy Hush, JoKa, and myself. There is also a special showing of S Jenx’s artwork that evening! I think this one starts at 7pm.. but whatever, you should come early and buy what you can before everything sells out. This group show also has some sweet tunes to accompany it, so come by and party. Yeah.

I am ready for a lil break. Tired. And my hand hurts from painting so much blood and details and shit. I need a hand massage and a beer.


Necropolis at The Congregation Gallery in Hollywood CA

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So, just as an update, the Necropolis dark arts group show at The Congregation Gallery has been extended! This show will be up through I believe September 9th!! If you haven’t gone by to check out the AMAZING paintings in this show, then do it. Your head will explode.

Yes, I still have pictures I have to post from the opening (which was so fun I had to smack the smile off my face the next day), and a little blog write up is still in order. By next week I’ll have this blog so fresh it’ll smell like pine trees. 😉