Photographs from some stuff I did.. FINALLY..

So, as promised, here’s some photos from the A Nation of Evil Men packed opening reception, and the 4th Annual Jinxed Heart Show! It was my first time showing at Masthead Print Studio, and my second time participating in the Heart Show. Unfortunately the short person who lives in my house and yells a lot (ie my daughter) brought home a tummy virus and wanted to share it with me, so I was unable to attend the Heart Show’s opening reception, but I was able to stop in the next day to collect my moolah (my heart sold. yay.) and check out most of the other pieces. As luck would have it, the couple who bought my heart walked in to pick it up while I was there, so I got to meet them and chat for a few minutes! Very cool for me.. it’s always nice to meet people who dig my artwork!

Anyway.. here ya go.

A packed house for the ANOEM opening!

Me and Amanda at ANOEM- my painting in the background

Me and my bud JoKa in front of his piece at ANOEM

Me and the curator Sam enjoying the show's success

Jinxed Heart Group Show 2011 edition!

Me and my heart minutes before it got picked up

"Amour" 2011 Acrylic on wood heart



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