And another little hellraiser is coming to Philadelphia..

I forgot one kinda important thing, awesome readers of this blog. I finally decided it’s time to let the cat outa the bag. Don’t ask me to get a beer with you anytime soon.. I’m preggo with a capital P. That’s right. It’s happened. There’s going to be another little hellraising artist running around Philly soon, so hide your sons/daughters! I’m super psyched, and can’t wait for this unbelievable experience to get on it’s way. Being preggo is weird, but pretty cool so far. It changes on a daily/weekly basis… so we’ll have to see. Hahaha. I’m just lucky to have a super supportive and excited family, In-Laws, and friends who can’t wait to see what this child comes out looking like!

I have a few photo shoots lined up for when my belly gets a lil rounder, and am looking forward to some beautiful visual documentation of it all. I may post some either on here or on my website.. I dunno. They may just all end up on my Model Mayhem site (which is in dire need of updating!! Sorry!).

I’ll leave you with this pic… my favorite pre-baby pic so far. ❤

You heard your mother, eat your brains!

You heard your mother, eat your brains!



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