Art and the infiltration of my smug mug

I have a little tid bit of info that I’m thoroughly enjoying and have decided to share with you, readers. I was recently contacted by two Philadelphia area based artists to be a part of their artwork for upcoming shows!

Dave Glass (who I showed with in the Femme Noir show) asked if he could do a portrait of me for this Saturday February 13th’s HeArt Show at Jinxed/The Toothless Cat gallery. It’s supposed to be super rad, and I am absolutely stoked to finally get to see it. He does some amazing portraits with a great metal/ hardcore twist to them, so this piece should fit right in!

Buddy Nestor also asked if he could do a portrait of me for his upcoming (Spring) solo show at The Toothless Cat. I’m not giving out any details on the show just yet (til they’re publicly released), but let’s just say I’m super duper excited to be a part of this series by this very talented artist. No worries, blog world.. I’ll keep you posted.

For now readers, just get your buns to Jinxed/The Toothless Cat this Saturday night for the HUGE group HeArt Show and pick up a little special something for your sweetie for Valentine’s Day. C’mon. For reals. He or she is going to be pissed if you don’t pick em up a piece of original artwork from one of these exceptional artists.



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