Femme Noir opening reception was a smashing success!

So, as I mentioned once or twice (or a hundred times) before, I was one of four artists of the Femme Noir art show at The Toothless Cat gallery in Philadelphia on January 9th, 2010. The night was a freezing one, and there were football playoff games on television, but the evening was a great success and the gallery was packed all night long. Friends and fellow artists alike showed their love, and the PBR flowed freely.

Included in the show:

Leila Marvel (RedHeart13 on etsy.com)

Dave Glass

Jim Reed

Kat Gun

Hanging my pieces for the show

Opening night!

Me and my centerpiece "...And You Will Know Me"

The dark ladies..

The whole artist crew

Gallery shot

The Toothless Cat exterior

Pour Vous

Big time thanks to Jess Schnabel for putting together a great lineup! The place looked fantastic, and I’ve gotten some very positive feedback from this show.

The show will be up through the beginning of February 2010. As for the next show? February 13th I believe is the opening of the HeArt show at Toothless Cat. Me, and my girl Amanda, will also be included in this show, so if any of you lovely readers can’t make it for Femme Noir, come on by for the HeArt show in February!!



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