Femme Noir show at The Toothless Cat gallery

I am very pleased to announce the upcoming opening of Femme Noir at The Toothless Cat gallery in Philadelphia. This is a 4 person, including myself, group show of some interesting and lovely “dark art.”

The show opening is Saturday January 9th, 2010 from 6pm-10pm at The Toothless Cat galleryat the Piazza at Schmidt’s (Germantown Ave & N 2nd Street). It should be a wonderful night, as the gallery, and the people who run it (Jason Goldberg, Dave Fox, Jess Schnabel, Dave Glass), is just awesome.

I will be featuring paintings from my “The Other Side” collection, and look forward to seeing my work on Toothless Cat’s walls. I hope you all can make it to hang out, grab a drink, and enjoy the artwork.


The show will run through January of 2010, so if you miss the opening night please come by to see the work at your leisure.

For more information see http://thetoothlesscat.blogspot.com/


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