Super Awesome-O means money in my pocket

I was at work yesterday just doing my thing when a wonderful gentleman came in off the street and asked where we got our window displays. All employee heads turned to me, and I piped up, “I make them. They’re all hand painted.”

The gentleman proceeded with, “WOW! Really? Can I buy part of your window display?”

I informed him that it was a Halloween display and Halloween is still a week away.. so selling a piece of the display would disrupt the scene… but did so in a manner where I didn’t sound too serious about it.

He continued, “My son is being Charlie Brown for Halloween, and your giant pumpkin with Snoopy sleeping on top would be a perfect addition… I’ll pay whatever you want…”

Ok. Twist my arm. SOLD! The man is now my hero for buying my art that wasn’t even for sale, and he’s going to bring me a picture of the complete costume. I’m excited. Anything for a kid and his Halloween costume. haha.

Great Pumpkin!

The Great Pumpkin is in the background..

 Anyone in need of an experienced window display artist?? Hmm?? I’ll go to the highest bidder. ha.






One Response to “Super Awesome-O means money in my pocket”

  1. Super awesome!

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